Lesson 2: Understanding Protein Copy

In other videos – 3-6 ounces per meal –that’s if doing three meals

But if you’re trying rapid weight loss only 5 ounces per meal period

But also add intermittent fasting – start out 3 meals no snacks first step intermittent fasting

One you can do this then start push breakfast forward

It’s false that need breakfast

Eventually drop out the breakfast

You could do a breakfast but work toward two meals a day and shrink the window when you’re eating – once drop meals get it to 14 grams a day
between two meals

Then try to get to one meal a day and stay in fat burning all those other hours of the day you can spike GH by 1300 if. Guy 2000
percent—exercise only 14%

When you’re at one meal a day your protein is only 9 ounces for that meal

That’s only 9 ounces for the whole day

When you lower your daily protein intake, your body goes into conservation

Your body recycle s 1-3 gams protein on its own~

You won’t lost it, just replace it.

Won’t lose hair—in fact, you’ll grow hair

It’s protein sparing

So what kind of food or protein do you eat?

Lean proteins spike insulin.

The problem with most other programs is that you’re gong low fat, high protein—in nature protein always
comes with come fat—because on the insulin scale it measures the response of non carb foods to insulin insulin

If eating something low – not stimulate-lose weight when I say rapid fat burning. I’m really saying a low insulin diet

Good protein choices

Pasture raised organic eggs= 5-6 eggs (But break it up over meals or eat just one)





Chicken with skin

Stick these

To digest these proteins batter add acv and a straw 

Or powdered ACV with betaine hydrochloride.